True Feminism: An Unpopular Opinion

In a seemingly never-ending sea of hot topics, gender equality is always near the forefront. Whether it’s called ‘women’s rights,’ ‘female empowerment,’ or ‘the feminist movement,’ it’s all pushing the same agenda. According to society, if you’re not crying ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ then you’re not supporting other women. Well, I respectfully disagree. … Continue reading True Feminism: An Unpopular Opinion

Lead Me to the Rock That is Higher Than I

I’m sad to say that I’ve attended two funerals this week. Everywhere I turn, someone is suffering. I can’t remember another time when so many people I love were struggling. The weight of it is crippling. It has a way of piercing your heart and attacking your mind. Death and heartache tend to put things … Continue reading Lead Me to the Rock That is Higher Than I

Don’t Let Your Passion Hurt Your Purpose

In the spirit of transparency, I’ve been struggling lately. I’m an emotional girl during normal circumstances and I think we all know we’re not living in anything to close to what we would consider ‘normal.’ Feeling all the feels, as the kids say, seems to be my new normal. Swinging from rage to optimism, I’ve … Continue reading Don’t Let Your Passion Hurt Your Purpose