Free thinking + Truth Sharing= Canceled?!

Today, now more so than ever, everyone seems to subscribe to the idea of cancel culture. According to Wikipedia, cancel culture is defined as “withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive.” This definition mentions public figures and companies but this cancel mentality has trickled into our daily lives.

Who has seen something online, on Facebook, Yahoo, whatever, that offends them? I have. Daily. Personally, I just scroll right on. Unfortunately, most don’t do that anymore. You post something that hits the wrong way and you’re toast. They’ll comment, tag and share it and tell their friends about it. Oscar Wilde once said, “If you want to tell someone the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” Yikes! If that’s not the truth…

The key to offending people today is telling the truth. No one likes their toes being stepped on. I get it. No one likes getting their feelings hurt. However, feelings have no bearing on fact. If you speak the truth, and I cannot stress this enough, in love, then you can stand confidently in your words. How you speak matters. If you come from a place of humility, and speak out of genuine affection for others, that will translate through your words. That doesn’t mean they will be easily embraced, but at least you can rest in your delivery.

But Erica, truth is subjective. What’s true for you might not be true for me. To that I say, you’re absolutely right. This is where respect comes in. Honestly, one of the biggest losses of 2020 is respect for your fellow man. People have traded respectful, civil discussions for instant condemnation and juvenile slander. Most no longer speak freely for fear of offending the masses.

On a grander scale, we see cancel culture in the form of “this post has been fact-checked…” Censorship is so mainstream that the CEOs of major social media conglomerates had to sit to before the Senate and testify for potential election inference! The President of the United States of America has the “fact checked” indicator on his tweets. Okay, whether you support him or not, isn’t it ironic that the President of the supposed land of the FREE cannot speak freely?! When did our 1st Amendment rights get thrown aside for the illusion of tolerance and acceptance? I say illusion because they only tolerate you until they disagree with you, then you’re done.

So how do we combat this fear of being canceled? By educating yourself! Cliche and overused it may be, but knowledge really is power. When you research and dig past the mainstream filtered pseudo-truth, you will find yourself speaking freely with confidence. Question everything you see and hear. Verify it or disprove it yourself. I have to encourage you to seek the ultimate truth, which is the written Word of God. When you dig into the Bible and pray, you will see the hand of God move in your life. Your eyes will be opened in whole new way. It will be undeniable. Let God give you the grace and confidence to live boldly.

Until next time friends,

Erica Lee

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