Marvel, it’s not me…or you. It’s bigger than us.

I have numerous articles started and have simply not had the time to finish them properly. However, due to the amount of emotion coursing through me right now, this one will basically finish itself. To set the stage, let me tell you that I’m a major nerd. Super heroes, comic books, LEGO sets, reading for … Continue reading Marvel, it’s not me…or you. It’s bigger than us.

God Gives Us Who We Need

You know those shirts and internet memes that say things like, ‘ew, people’ or ‘it’s too people-y’? Well, I’m the exact opposite. I absolutely love people. My personality thrives on human interaction. Social gatherings are when I’m at my best. Being surrounded by my people, and even meeting new people, brings me real joy. However, … Continue reading God Gives Us Who We Need

Train up a Child…They’ll Thank You Later

Each generation has endured a unique set of challenges. Without fail, each generation thinks theirs is the hardest in which to thrive. Since becoming a parent, I only now realize their plight. Only 20 short years ago, I began high school in a time with no social media and no real knowledge of life outside … Continue reading Train up a Child…They’ll Thank You Later

True Feminism: An Unpopular Opinion

In a seemingly never-ending sea of hot topics, gender equality is always near the forefront. Whether it’s called ‘women’s rights,’ ‘female empowerment,’ or ‘the feminist movement,’ it’s all pushing the same agenda. According to society, if you’re not crying ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ then you’re not supporting other women. Well, I respectfully disagree. … Continue reading True Feminism: An Unpopular Opinion